Terms and conditions/条款


1. Kindly make sure that you read and fully understand the description of the products before placing orders. NO refund will be granted for any cancellation due to misunderstanding.

2. Due to the nature of materials, most of the products are very fragile. We DO NOT take the responsibilities on any damage to the products due to transportation. However, we will try our best to ask for compensation from the respective studio. This might either be replacement parts, partial monetary refund or discount vouchers for future products based on the studio's decision. So always check thoroughly as soon as the item's arrival before the studio stops providing after sale service. ALL shipping cost due to replacement/exchange will be borne by buyer.

3. All prices stated in the description are exclusive of shipping fees unless otherwise stated.

4. Due to the nature of products, shipping fees could be very expensive sometimes. Actual shipping rates can only be determined once the products are released and have arrived at our warehouse. Any shipping fees quoted prior to release is only estimated and shall NOT be final. Custom tax and duties may apply for some countries, please take note.

5. Cancellation of orders will NOT be refunded under any circumstances unless out of stock. Customers have to clear the balance within the notice period for each respective product or else the deposit will be forfeited and NO compensation will be given.

6. Due to the product being shipped from China, there might be chances where things that we can't foresee happen during transport. Hence, all orders will NOT be refunded due to delay of shipment.

7. All orders will be on first come first served basis unless otherwise stated. NO reservation will be entertained without deposit.

8. For customers paying through Paypal, 5% Paypal fee has been included as tax during checkout. Please take note.

9. All photos displayed are only for prototype illustration purpose. Actual product might comes with slight difference. NO refund will be given in the case of slight difference of prototype and actual product.

10. All terms and conditions are subject to amendment WITHOUT prior notice. Customers are deemed to fully understand and agree to all the T&Cs upon placing order.


1. 下单前请确保您已经充分阅读了解商品资料。因误会而取消的订单将被给予退款。

2. 由于材料特性的关系,大部分产品都属于易碎品。对于运输上导致的破损,我们将承担任何责任。虽然如此,我们将全力协助顾客向有关工作室要求赔偿。赔偿内容视工作室而定,可能包括替换件,部分金钱赔偿或有关工作室的未来产品折价卷。请务必在收到商品后马上进行详细检查,以免超出工作室的售后时间。

3. 所有商品资料中标注的价格包含运费,除非另有注明。

4. 由于产品属性的关系,有的时候可能会产生高昂的运输费用。实际运费只有在商品出货,抵达我们仓库后才能进行估算。任何出货前预估的运费将会是最终运费。有的国家将会被征收进口税,请知悉。

5. 除非缺货,在任何情况下所取消的订单将被给予退款。顾客需要在个别商品所指定的期限内完成补款,逾期者将视为弃单处理,我们将会给予任何赔偿。

6. 由于产品从中国发出,在运输过程中将可能发生我们无法预估的状况。因此,所有订单将不会因为运输延误而给予退款。

7. 所有商品将根据先到先得的方式做出安排。无定金的预留将受理。

8. 所有通过Paypal付款的顾客在提交订单时将被征收5%的税务作为Paypal手续费,请知悉。

9. 所有照片仅供样品效果展示,实物将可能存在些许差异。我们将会对样品与实物的些微差距进行任何退款。

10. 所有条款的调整将会另行通知。下单的顾客将被视为完全了解接受所有条款。



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