[RAFFLE]The Mansion Game Room Grand Raffle #1
[RAFFLE]The Mansion Game Room Grand Raffle #1
[RAFFLE]The Mansion Game Room Grand Raffle #1
[RAFFLE]The Mansion Game Room Grand Raffle #1
[RAFFLE]The Mansion Game Room Grand Raffle #1
[RAFFLE]The Mansion Game Room Grand Raffle #1
[RAFFLE]The Mansion Game Room Grand Raffle #1
[RAFFLE]The Mansion Game Room Grand Raffle #1

[RAFFLE]The Mansion Game Room Grand Raffle #1

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💸Raffle Information💸
Grand Prize - GPOne Studio 1/24 scale Thousand Sunny x 1
1st Prize - KOL Brother Roronoa Zoro x 1
2nd Prize - F3 Studio Gear 3rd Luffy(Special Coating Ver.) x 1
3rd Prize - KOL Brother Usopp x 1
4th Prize - BBT Studio SD Jinbei x 1
5th to 7th Prize - Sky Fire Studio 1/4 Cotton Candy Chopper x 1
8th to 10th Prize - Official Licensed One Piece Puzzle x 1
Number of Slots: 100 slots 
Price Per Slot: 120myr/40sgd
Raffle Close Date: While slot last
Payment Collection Date: Within a week after slot last
Raffle Date: 1 week after all payment completed
1. Each raffle ticket will be granted 1*Gift Voucher worth 30myr/10sgd and 2*Gift Vouchers worth 60myr/20sgd each for FUTURE PURCHASE.
2. Vouchers will be credited directly into the RESPECTIVE ACCOUNT in the terms of VOUCHER CODE
3. Vouchers have NO expiry date.
4. Vouchers can ONLY be used on actual preorders/products.
5. Vouchers CANNOT be used on raffle.
6. Vouchers are NOT redeemable for cash.
7. Vouchers are NOT transferable/exchangeable.
8. Each voucher can be used only ONCE and is limited to ONE voucher PER ORDER/PRODUCT.
9. 30myr/10sgd voucher has NO minimum purchase limit.
10. 60myr/20sgd vouchers are ONLY applicable to orders ABOVE 750myr/250sgd. 
1. This raffle is open to collectors WORLDWIDE.
2. Participants HAVE TO register AN ACCOUNT on our website and purchase the raffle ticket.
4. Raffle numbers allocation will be on FIRST COME FIRST TO CHOOSE basis.
5. This raffle will be drawn through FACEBOOK LIVE.
6. Winners DO NOT need to be present during the live draw.
7. Raffle will be drawn in DESCENDING order.
8. ALL prizes are NOT redeemable for cash or other products.
9. ALL winners are NOT allowed to transfer/exchange prizes with other winners without agreement.
10. ALL cost of shipping including countries' tax and duties shall be borne by WINNERS.
11. NO refund will be given for any slot withdraw.
12. The Mansion Game Room reserves the right to amend T&Cs without prior notice.
13. In the event of any disputes, The Mansion Game Room reserves the right of the final decision.
Feel free to PM us if you’re interested! 😁
大奖 - GPOne Studio 1/24比例 桑尼号 x 1
一等奖 - KOL Brother 罗罗诺亚·索隆 x 1
二等奖 - F3 Studio 三挡路飞(电镀版) x 1
三等奖 - KOL Brother 乌索普 x 1
四等奖 - BBT Studio SD 甚平 x 1
五至七等奖 - Sky Fire Studio 1/4 棉花糖乔巴 x 1
八至十等奖 - 正版授权海贼王拼图 x 1
彩卷数量: 100张 
彩卷价格: 120myr/40sgd 1张
截止日期: 售完即止
付款日期: 彩卷售完后1个星期内
开彩日期: 所有彩卷付款完成后1个星期内
1. 随每张彩卷附送1张价值30myr/10sgd2张价值60myr/20sgd的礼品卷,可用于新订单
2. 礼品卷将会以礼品卷代码的形式直接记入到各自的账户。 
3. 礼品卷不设有截止日期。
4. 礼品卷只得被使用于实际预定/产品。
5. 礼品卷不得被使用于抽彩。
6. 礼品卷不得兑换现金。
7. 礼品卷所有权不得交换/转售。
8. 每张礼品卷只得使用1次,并且规定每个订单/每个产品只能使用1次
9. 30myr/10sgd礼品卷不设有最低购买限额。
10. 60myr/10sgd礼品卷只适用于金额750myr/250sgd以上的订单。
1. 此抽彩开放给世界各地的收藏家。
2. 参加者必须在我们的网站注册1个账户以购买彩卷。
3. 每个账户限制最多购买5张彩卷。
4. 彩卷号码分配将会以先到先选的方式进行。
5. 开彩活动将会通过脸书直播进行。
6. 得奖者不需要在开彩时到场。
7. 开彩将会以逆序的方式进行。
8. 所有奖品不得兑换现金或其他产品。
9. 得奖者不得在未经同意下与其他得奖者交换奖品。
10. 所有包括关税在内的运输费用将由得奖者承担。
11. 取消彩卷将不被给与任何退款。 
12. The Mansion Game Room保留在不提前告知下更改条款的权利。
13. 如有争议,The Mansion Game Room保留最终决定权。

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